David Lee, the creator of this absurd collection of amusing messages, is a mechanical engineer, designer, marriage and family therapist, hypnotherapist, marketing executive and entrepreneur.  Here is some of his history:
Lunar Excursion Module - Supervised the mechanical design of the rocket engine for this space vehicle which landed the first astronauts on the moon.  This engine had a 10/1 variable thrust and was the first engine ever produced in the U.S. with a variable thrust.

Satellites - Designed a hermetically-sealed explosive release mechanism for satellites.

Londonís Millennium Bridge - Designed the hermetically-sealed damper with infinite life that was used to control pedestrian-induced vibrations on the bridge.  Previous to the installation of the dampers the bridge swayed so much that it could not be used.

Ships - Invented a system for supporting the inertial systems of ships to protect them from depth charge-induced shock, yet allow them to retain very precise alignment.

Chatty Cathy Doll - Designed the talking mechanism for this doll which was the very first talking mechanism ever for dolls that could utter multiple sentences.
The Early Years

David was born and raised in Chicago, Illinois.  He migrated to California to attend California Insitute of Technology (Cal Tech) in Pasadena where he received a Bachelor of Science degree in Mechnical Engineering.  During that time, he was married and subsequently had three children.  Years later, he would continue his education at the University of Southern California (USC) from which he obtained a Ph.D in mechanical engineering, and much later a Masters degree in Counselor Education.  While at USC, he was a member of the Alpha Sigma Lambda Scholarship Society. 
Work History

His professional career, which has spanned six decades, includes a diversified background of work experience, ranging from research and science to manufacturing and psychological counseling to self-help education and marketing.  It has been an interesting career distinguished both by diversity and innovation.

A brief review of his work experience:

Garrett AiResearch (Designer) - His first work position, Lee designed the test equipment that ensured that motors, turbines and other
   engine parts worked properly.

Firestone Tire and Rubber (Designer) - Working in its Guided Missile Division, Lee designed rocket engines, valves and other parts for
   the Corporal II missile, the nationís first ballistic missile.

Weber Aircraft (Designer) - Lee designed ejection seats for the B52 airplane.

Mattel (Designer) - Lee designed the talking mechanism for the Chatty Cathy doll.

The Present

TrueFortunes is now David's focus.  In answer to his wifeís views on this new endeavor are a little different.  Something like why was he doing it and couldnít he find something useful to do.  Here's his answer;

ďAs long as I can remember my entire adult life has been productive.  I have designed innumerable rather complicated machines and patented many of them.  I have usually been responsible and relatively inoffensive (with a few lapses).  TrueFortunes is my very first venture with no purpose, no redeeming value and no prospect of remuneration.  Iím old enough to have given up saving for my old age, old enough to have more sense but not old enough to stop caring - so letís have some fun!
Ramo Woolridge (Section Head) - Working in its Space Technology Laboratories Division, he was in charge of all design for the mechanical portions of the LEM engine which was the one that landed astronauts on the moon.  He was also responsible for the design of valves, release mechanisms, unique vacuum chambers that simulate space as well as rocket engines.  For one project, he flew for three weeks in the Zero Gravity aircraft at Wright Patterson Air Force Base (see photos).

Mechanics Research, Inc. (Vice President R&D/Marketing) - David joined the company as its seventh employee and eventually  
   become a part owner.  He developed a number of classified projects and then became director of marketing.

Taylor Devices (West Coast Technical Director) - During his employment with this company, which manufacturers dampers and
   shock absorbers, he invented and patented several products.  He also functioned in marketing and sales and was awarded salesman 
   of the year for the United States.  He is actively working on new technology to make homes and office buildings safe from
   earthquakes.  He has worked with the Los Angeles City Council on a motion requiring a seismic vulnerability evaluation program for 
   all structures in the city.

Marriage and Family Therapist/Private Practice - After receiving his degree from USC, he opened a practice in Beverly Hills and
   counseled individuals and couples.

Hypnotherapist/Private Practice - David obtained a licensed from the state of California and began using hypnotherapy in his    
   practice.  This led to him creating and producing a series of ďGuided RelaxationĒ audio tapes which he marketed on subjects like
   losing weight, relieving stress and stopping smoking, as well as many others. 

Government Consultant - He occasionally consulted for various government entities.