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                                                                             The Happiness Handbook

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This book is for anyone who really wants to change their life for the better.  I wrote this book for anyone who:

Has trouble getting out of bed in the morning because there is little to look forward to.

Feels that life could be a lot better but has no idea how to go about it.

Puts up with an intolerable situation or relationship because they are afraid they would be worse off if they left.

Goes through times of great sadness when it is difficult to function.

Wants to experience more happiness, peace of mind, and enjoyment of life.

In other words, anyone who wants a better life.  A better life means more happiness, less stress and turmoil, increased satisfaction.  It means getting up in the morning looking forward to the day ahead.  It means going to sleep at night pleased and content with the dayís activities.  At least most of the time.  It also means taking pleasure in the everyday things that happen all day long, especially the relationships you have with others.

The Happiness Handbook is a most unusual book.  Almost every chapter includes an audio recording that you can download to improve your life.  You can play your recordings any time you wish and anywhere, even while driving.  You will be pleasantly surprised at the beneficial results.  These powerful recordings are included in the price of the book.

It seems that most people feel stuck with their lives.  Perhaps more accurately, doomed to stay the way they are with no real possibility of change.  Lives of quiet desperation is the way Henry David Thoreau put it.  Most of us have a vague idea that things could possibly be a lot better for us, but are completely unwilling to explore this kind of thinking.  Itís too dangerous.

So most people grow up into the person they remain for the rest of their life, with very little change.  The have a set personality, meaning a predictable way of acting and reacting.  Their friends and relatives depend on their predictability.  Itís comfortable for everyone.  But sometimes, very occasionally, something comes along to upset this situation.  It could be a very unusual experience, way out of the ordinary, where you experience intense happiness.  And suddenly realize how drab your life has been.  This happened to me when I took a weekend seminar and was blissfully happy for the first time in my life.  Didnít last long, but gave me a permanent and fervent desire to change my life for the better.

The trigger for change could be a terrible tragedy, or possibly a combination of tragedies.  A serious illness, loss of a loved one, getting fired, severe financial loss. 

Or the trigger could be as simple as that magical time between 40 and 50 years old when many people realize that they just arenít going to achieve their childhood dreams, and that they had better take action while they still have time.

There is a hierarchy of change, a series of fairly predictable steps.  The first is a passionate desire to change your life for the better.   Not just a wish or fantasy, but a total commitment to the process.  In my case it was the realization that most people found me offensive and objectionable, and that when I looked inward I found myself in exactly the same light.  I literally could not stand the person I had become.  Quite a revelation.  At that point I became passionately devoted to having a better life.  Which is exactly what I have been doing for the last 60 years.  The process never ends.  It just becomes more and more enjoyable.

Actually there were two things that had to happen before I could start the process of change.  First I had to accept that change is possible.  Now this is a step that most people are unwilling or unable to take.  They are convinced that because they are grown up that they are the way they are.  There is no way that they will ever be able to change significantly.

Or it may be that they realize that change is possible, but would involve a lot of discomfort and a lot of hard work and they would rather just accept the way they are and to hell with it.

The second thing that has to happen is the acceptance of agency, meaning that I accepted full responsibility for the person I was.  No blaming my parents, or environment, or circumstances, or the cruel world or my heredity.  The buck stopped with me.  I could change my life if I really wanted to.  I could become the person I wanted to be.  My life was then and is now my total responsibility.  Is this something that appeals to you?  If so, please read ďThe Happiness HandbookĒ.  You will be glad that you did.